ProLoquist Lesson

Professional Ventriloquist Tool for FCPX

Learn how to create a making a talking puppet out of a still image with ProLoquist from Pixel Film Studios. Final Cut Pro X users can bring their family or friend photos to life with a click of a mouse. With ProLoquist users have total control over mouth movement, wiggle, scale, and more.

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PROLOQUIST Lesson FCPX Plugin - Welcome to a ProLoquist Lesson

Welcome to a ProLoquist Lesson

Welcome to a ProLoquist lesson from Pixel Film Studios. ProLoquist allows Final Cut Pro X users to turn their still images into animated ventriloquist puppets.

From historical scenes to talking animals, ProLoquist can help you make a funny video out of any still image.

PROLOQUIST Lesson FCPX Plugin - Step 1 - Preparing the Timeline

Step 1 - Preparing the Timeline

Let's begin by selecting an image in the FCPX media library and dragging it to the timeline.

Once, you have your image in the timeline, go to the FCPX Effects library to locate the ProLoquist Mouth Cut Out tool.

Drag the plugin onto your clip in the Final Cut Pro X timeline.

PROLOQUIST Lesson FCPX Plugin - Step 2 - Setting up the Mouth Cutout

Step 2 - Setting up the Mouth Cutout

Now it’s time to setup our Mouth Cut Out.

Select the clip in the timeline.Make sure that the “Mask Indicator” checkbox is checked in the FCPX Inspector.

Then, use the on-screen controls in the viewer to draw a shape around the your subjects lower lip and chin.

Double click on the refresh button in the FCPX Inspector to see the changes you’ve made in the Viewer window.

Once you have the shape drawn, use the “Round Corners” and “Soften Edges” sliders to fine tune the mask.

Then, uncheck the “Mask Indicator” box.

PROLOQUIST Lesson FCPX Plugin - Step 3 - Animating the Mouth

Step 3 - Animating the Mouth

Now it’s time set up talking animation.

Use the Up-Down Amount slider to control how much the mouth opens. Then use Frequency and Noise sliders to control the speed and irregularity of the movement.

If you would like to give a wackier look to your animation, you can add a side to side movement or wriggle.

PROLOQUIST Lesson FCPX Plugin - Final Touches

Final Touches

Now for some Final Touches.

If you want the animation to match the audio perfectly, you can set a few keyframes on the Amount parameter.

Place the playhead at the front of one of the peaks in the audio waveform. Go to the FCPX Inspector, set the Up-Down amount to zero, and place a keyframe on the parameter.

Then move the playhead to the top of the peak and change the Up-Down amount so that the mouth is wide open. Because this value is different than the previous frame … It will auto-keyframe in Final Cut Pro X.