ProStrobe Lesson

Professional Film Reel Effects in FCPX

Learn how to make edgy or vintage film looks with old film reel leaders. With ProStrobe from Pixel Film Studios, users have full customization with the option of choosing from text, number countdowns, drop zones, and objects to create the look they have always wanted.

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PROSTROBE Lesson FCPX Plugin - Welcome to a ProStrobe Lesson

Welcome to a ProStrobe Lesson

Welcome to a ProStrobe lesson from Pixel Film Studios. ProStrobe allows Final Cut Pro X users to add flashing Film Reel effects to their footage.

With customizable shapes and text, ProStrobe can be used to make vintage or grungy looks.

PROSTROBE Lesson FCPX Plugin - Step 1 - Preparing the Timeline

Step 1 - Preparing the Timeline

Let's begin by selecting a clip in the FCPX media library and dragging it to the timeline.

Once, you have your footage in the timeline, go to the FCPX titles library to locate the ProStrobe presets.

Scan through the presets and select the one that best matches the look you want. Then, drag the title layer above your clip on the Final Cut Pro X timeline and make it the same length as the footage.

For this example we will use the “Text Type 1” preset.

PROSTROBE Lesson FCPX Plugin - Step 2 - Setting up the Text

Step 2 - Setting up the Text

Now, it’s time to customize the look of the ProStrobe.

Scrub the playhead through the timeline until you reach a frame where the text is clearly visible.

Select the “Text” tab in the FCPX Inspector. Add your title. Then set the font, size, line spacing and color.

Once your text is set up, go back to “Titles” tab of the Inspector window.

Change the Blend Mode of your ProStrobe to achieve the look you want. Finally, set the Film Movement and Motion Blur Samples to give the illusion of speed.

PROSTROBE Lesson FCPX Plugin - Step 3 - Adjusting the Strobe

Step 3 - Adjusting the Strobe

Now, it’s time to adjust the way your text strobes.

Go to the Source Controls in the Inspector window. Set the Speed parameter to control how fast you want your text to strobe.

Adjust the Scale randomness to make the text a different size every time it appears.

Then use the Position controls to manipulate how much the text jumps around the screen.

For this example, we want our text to jitter up-and-down, but not side-to-side. So we will set our X Center and Randomization Amount to 0.

Scrub the playhead through the project to preview the changes you have made. Then make more adjustments if needed.

PROSTROBE Lesson FCPX Plugin - Final Touches

Final Touches

Now for some Final Touches.

Depending on the type of footage, ProStrobe can create a vintage or grungy vibe. For this example, let’s apply a ProHue color grade to our footage to give it a grittier look.

If you would like to create handwriting on your film, you can download a marker font online. Then you can rotate your text to make it run vertically.