FCPX3D: Text

3D Text For Final Cut Pro X

Get ready to witness awesomeness in Final Cut Pro X with FCPX3D Text from Pixel Film Studios. Pan, pivot, tilt, dolly, and crane around your text without any restrictions to observer your title from every perspective imaginable. Then, customize your text with numerous style controls, including color, outline, bevel, lighting, extrude and font all inside of FCPX. Mac Mini and Macbook Air computers with intel graphics cards are not compatible with this plugin.

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FCPX3D: Text FCPX Plugin - True 3D Text in Final Cut Pro X!

True 3D Text in Final Cut Pro X!

With FCPX3D Text, you can finally create the true 3 Dimensional text that you always wanted in Final Cut Pro X. Pan, pivot, tilt, dolly, and crane around your text without any restrictions. Get ready to witness the true awesomeness of your 3D text from any perspective!

FCPX3D: Text FCPX Plugin - Awesome Text Style Presets

Awesome Text Style Presets

FCPX3D Text comes fully loaded with awesome text style presets that can be tweaked and customized to fit the style of your film. Simply drag-and-drop one of the presets into the timeline and add your own writing!

FCPX3D: Text FCPX Plugin - Fully Customizable in FCPX

Fully Customizable in FCPX

Couldn't find a preset that meets your needs? That's ok. Use the numerous style controls to make endless 3D text looks directly inside of Final Cut Pro X.

With easy-to-use buttons and sliders in the FCPX Inspector, you can quickly change the color, outline, bevel, extrude, font and light color to create the look you want.

FCPX3D: Text FCPX Plugin - 3 Point Lighting System

3 Point Lighting System

Revel in the true awesomeness of your 3D text by moving the built-in light sources around and seeing the highlights and shadows react in a real time. Then change the color and quality of the light to complete your look.

FCPX3D: Text FCPX Plugin - On-Screen Controls

On-Screen Controls

Take command of your FCPX3D Text with intuitive on-screen controls. Quickly and easily position your text with a simple click and drag in the Viewer window. Here at Pixel Film Studios we provide you with simple and easy to use tools to make you a professional all within Final Cut Pro X.

FCPX3D: Text FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

FCPX3D Text was designed by the team at Pixel Film Studios to create flawless, true 3D text inside Final Cut Pro X without melting your computer with renders. With easy-to-use sliders and drop down menus in the FCPX Inspector you can quickly and effortlessly change the Camera Angle, Lens Type, and Shine of your text along with many parameters.



Learn how to pan, pivot, tilt, dolly, and crane around your 3 dimensional text without any restrictions with the FCPX3D Text Lesson from Pixel Film Studios