Vintage Camera Effect for FCPX

Create the hip or retro film that you always wanted to with PRO16MM by Pixel Film Studios. This collection of 40 professionally made old film effects for Final Cut Pro X allows you to add moving textures and color burns to your film to give it that aggressive or vintage look. Simply drag-and-drop the effect you want on your footage and adjust the settings to your liking.

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Pro16mm FCPX Plugin - 30 Old Film Filters for FCPX

30 Old Film Filters for FCPX

From scratches and burns to drips and water damage, PRO16MM has every damaged film look you could ever want in Final Cut Pro X. With 30 filters to choose from and customization options, you can make the grungy masterpiece you always wanted.

Pro16mm FCPX Plugin - 10 Different Film Frames

10 Different Film Frames

Complete the old school look by adding a film frame to your image. Then use the customization controls to change the blend mode, shake, flicker, angle, and color of your frame in the Final Cut Pro X Inspector.

Mix, match, and stack frames and filters to make new and exciting looks in your project.

Pro16mm FCPX Plugin - From Vintage to Grunge in FCPX

From Vintage to Grunge in FCPX

Whether you are making a video of your kid's birthday party or a grungy skater video, PRO16MM can give your film the look you are going for in Final Cut Pro X. Simply change the blend mode, color, contrast, and saturation and watch as your film goes from vintage to grunge in front of your eyes.



PRO16MM was professionally created to work seamlessly with FCPX. Instantly customize your settings in the FCPX Inspector and see the changes appear on your image in real-time.

PRO16MM is a powerful plugin that will completely change the look of your footage.