Professional 5k Anamorphic Flares

PROBLUE™ 5K is the ultimate Ultra High Definition anamorphic flare tool package for any filmmaker! This footage compilation of over 100 anamorphic flares can be applied to HD video as well as up to 5K resolution projects in any non-linear editing software. Simply drag over the clip and apply necessary compositing methods to get the ultimate anamorphic lens flares!

PROBLUE 5K requires Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.2 or newer.

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PROBLUE 5K™ FCPX Plugin - Over 100 5K Composite Flares

Over 100 5K Composite Flares

PROBLUE™ 5K from Pixel Film Studios™ gives film makers over 100 different styles of composite flares from flickering flares to fade in and outs. Each flare is composite footage based, so it can be applied over any type of footage, whether its photo or video!

PROBLUE 5K™ FCPX Plugin - Works In Any Non-Linear Editing Software

Works In Any Non-Linear Editing Software

PROBLUE™ 5K is composite footage, which can be used in any non-linear video editing software. Simply select the desired flare footage, place it on the timeline above the desired clip, and apply the compositing method for numerous different looks and styles!

PROBLUE 5K™ FCPX Plugin - The Ultimate Anamorphic Flare Tool

The Ultimate Anamorphic Flare Tool

PROBLUE™ 5K is the ultimate tool allowing film makers and video editors to push the lighting in scenes, adding a new level of style and realism. Whether its a music video, or the newest cutting-edge science-fiction film, these composite flares will enhance and wow each and every audience!

PROBLUE 5K™ FCPX Plugin - Unique FCPX Composite Tool

Unique FCPX Composite Tool

PROBLUE™ 5K comes with a unique composite and edit tool that allows quick user placement and color controls! Placing the composite footage in the right spot and matching the color to the desired clip has never been easier!