ProDrop: Volume 4

Professional Bokeh Backdrops for FCPX

Let PRODROP Volume 4 inspire you with 50 Bokeh backdrops for this winter season. With so many presets and customization settings, the options are endless. Use the Bokeh backdrop of your choice to create a cool title sequence or slide show in Final Cut Pro X.

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ProDrop: Volume 4 FCPX Plugin - 50 Bokeh Text Backdrops

50 Bokeh Text Backdrops

With PRODROP Volume 4 for FCPX, you can create and customize every Bokeh text backdrop you could ever want. With 50 presets to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Change the color, speed and placement of the background Bokeh and be amazed as nearly any set-up looks awesome! 

ProDrop: Volume 4 FCPX Plugin - Customize Your Text

Customize Your Text

Every PRODROP Volume 4 generator has built-in text that you can control and customize in Final Cut Pro X. Adjust the blend modes to give your title a polished look. Then change the font, placement, and color in the few clicks of a mouse!

ProDrop: Volume 4 FCPX Plugin - Drag and Drop Easy

Drag and Drop Easy

With PRODROP Volume 4 you don't have to be an artist to use these Bokeh backdrop generators in FCPX. With 50 drag and drop presets,  get ready to customize and create the perfect backdrop in your next video project. Ready, Set, now Go and let PRODROP Volume 4 from Pixel Film Studios be apart of your video production toolbox.

ProDrop: Volume 4 FCPX Plugin - Customizable in FCPX

Customizable in FCPX

With PRODROP Volume 4 you can create your very own Bokeh background right inside of FCPX. All you need to do is drag and drop one of the presets into the timeline and your ready to customize. Change the color, blend mode, amount, brightness of your bokeh with a few clicks of a mouse. With PRODROP Volume 4 the options are endless!

ProDrop: Volume 4 FCPX Plugin - ProDrop: Volume 4 Lesson

ProDrop: Volume 4 Lesson

Learn how to customize Professional Bokeh Backdrops with the ProDrop: Volume 4 Lesson.