ProDrop: Volume 6

Geometric Backgrounds for FCPX

Introducing PRODROP Volume 6 From Pixel Film Studios. Customize your very own geometric backdrops right inside Final Cut Pro X. Then change the color, add a Kaleidoscope, or give your backdrop a 3D Look with the click of your mouse. Making art as never been so easy. PRODROP Volume 6 comes fully loaded with 50 customizable shape patterns for Final Cut Pro X!

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ProDrop: Volume 6 FCPX Plugin - 50 GEOMETRIC BACKDROPS


PRODROP Volume 6 comes fully loaded with 50 geometric shape presets that can be customized and controlled in Final Cut Pro X. With adjustable colors, shapes, zooms, extrudes and a kaleidoscope effects, the options are endless!

ProDrop: Volume 6 FCPX Plugin - Add cool to your backdrop!

Add cool to your backdrop!

Blow your viewers' minds with psychedelic shapes and colors.  With PRODROP Volume 6, you can create and customize your own shape backdrops in FCPX. Then add 3D depth with the extrude option right inside in the click of a mouse. Make endless combinations of geometric shapes and leave your friends asking: "How did you do that?"

ProDrop: Volume 6 FCPX Plugin - 10 CORE SHAPES


PRODROP volume 6 comes fully loaded with 10 customizable core shapes: circle, square, star, octagon, pentagon, pill rectangle, heart, diamond, and triangle. Each shape can be manipulated to create endless geometric shapes and looks in FCPX. With PRODROP volume 6 you now have the right tool for the right job!

ProDrop: Volume 6 FCPX Plugin - CUSTOMIZABLE IN FCPX


PRODROP Volume 6 was designed to work seamlessly with Final Cut Pro X. Simply drag-and-drop the desired shape preset into your timeline. Then customize the scale, lens dirt, color combinations, and flicker. Finally, finish off your look by adding a kaleidoscope or extrude to your shapes. With PRODROP Volume 6 from Pixel Film Studios for FCPX, you now have the geometric power!

ProDrop: Volume 6 FCPX Plugin - ProDrop: Volume 6 Lesson

ProDrop: Volume 6 Lesson

Learn how to create and customize your very own Geometric Backgrounds with the ProDrop: Volume 6 Lesson.