ProDrop: Volume 7

Pattern Backdrops for FCPX

ntroducing PRODROP Volume 7 From Pixel Film Studios. With 25 customizable pattern backdrops for Final Cut Pro X, the options are endless. Change the color, the speed of the backdrop , or even give your backdrop a 3D Look, all with the click of your mouse. Patterns have never been so fun to manipulate.

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ProDrop: Volume 7 FCPX Plugin - 25 PATTERN STYLES


PRODROP Volume 7 comes fully loaded with 25 pattern styles and 5 presets per style. Create and customize endless professional looks with the drag and drop of a mouse in Final Cut Pro X. With easy to use controls and parameters, the sky is the limit with PRODROP Volume 7 from Pixel Film Studios.

ProDrop: Volume 7 FCPX Plugin - AWESOME PATTERNS


With PRODROP Volume 7, users get 25 custom made backdrops with endless customizable options. From Stars to Hearts to Zig-Zags you have the freedom to create a backdrop that will fit any video project. Don't have time to be creative? With the 5 color presets you can drag and drop a ready-to-go patterned backdrop into the timeline in Final Cut Pro X.

ProDrop: Volume 7 FCPX Plugin - BUILD YOUR STYLE


With PRODROP Volume 7 from Pixel Film Studios, you can build your style in a few clicks of a mouse. Simply select the backdrop you want, change the color, rotate the direction the pattern is moving, and customize your light source. Do it all with PRODROP Volume 7 For Final Cut Pro X!

ProDrop: Volume 7 FCPX Plugin - CUSTOMIZABLE IN FCPX


PRODROP was designed by Pixel Film Studios to work seamlessly in Final Cut Pro X. As a patterned background effect for FCPX, you can simply select the PRODROP Volume 7 you want and use the on-screen controls to rotate the direction of your pattern. Then you can customize the look of it with the intuitive controls found in the FCPX inspector. Calibrate your video clip to the style that suits your film within minutes!

ProDrop: Volume 7 FCPX Plugin - ProDrop: Volume 7 Lesson

ProDrop: Volume 7 Lesson

Learn how to create and customize pattern backdrops with the ProDrop: Volume 7 Lesson.