ProIntro: Volume 1

Professional Intros for FCPX

PROINTRO is a package of professionally designed titles for Final Cut Pro X.  Choose from 30 different PROINTRO titles featuring minimalistic looks and smooth animations.  Each PROINTRO preset has unique customizable parameters that give Final Cut users complete control over the overlay, colors, & title orientation.  PROINTRO is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive.

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ProIntro: Volume 1 FCPX Plugin - CLASSIC STYLES


PROINTRO is a package of 30 intros with classic designs.  Utilize PROINTRO's smooth animations to present project titles or act as informational text.  Each PROINTRO preset comes with unique customization options, allowing Final Cut Pro X users to add a touch of creativity to these minimalist designs.

ProIntro: Volume 1 FCPX Plugin - OVERLAY OPTIONS


With each PROINTRO preset, Final Cut Pro X users can control the tint color and amount to create greater contrast between the animated text and the background.  PROINTRO's overlays range from having blurring effects to line screened designs.  Create new looks with the drag of a slider.

ProIntro: Volume 1 FCPX Plugin - ON-SCREEN CONTROLS


PROINTRO features handy on-screen controls that allow users to easily change the position, rotation, and scale of PROINTRO over the duration of the animation.  Presets are designed to look fantastic regardless of the orientation and scale.  PROINTRO makes it easy for users to create introduce their projects.

ProIntro: Volume 1 FCPX Plugin - 30 PRESET OPTIONS


PROINTRO has 30 presets that are exclusive for Final Cut Pro X.  Choose from professional designs with a basic boxes and lines. or more stylized designs with mulitiple gradients.  Find unique texture options under "OVERLAY CONTROLS".

ProIntro: Volume 1 FCPX Plugin - CUSTOMIZABLE IN FCPX


Find PROINTRO presets in the titles category in Final Cut Pro X.  From here, it's as easy as drag and drop!  Pick a PROINTRO preset and find customziable parameters in the top right inspector window.  Use easy rotation dials, color wheels, sliders, and drop down menus to create amazing work.

ProIntro: Volume 1 FCPX Plugin - PROINTRO LESSON


Learn how to create a title intro sequence with the PROINTRO Lesson from Pixel Film Studios.