ProIntro: Volume 3

Professional Intros for FCPX

PROINTRO VOLUME 3 is a intro pack with 30 beautifully designed titles made with Final Cut Pro X users in mind. Achieve iconic looks with ease using intuitive controls found in the inspector window. Each preset PROINTRO VOLUME 3 features sliders, color wheels, and on-screen controls that allow for easy customization.  Adjust a couple of parameters and get entirely new looks!  Place PROINTRO VOL. 3 introductions at an angle for a more dynamic look.

PROINTRO VOL. 3 requires Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.2 or newer.

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ProIntro: Volume 3 FCPX Plugin - BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS


PROINTRO VOLUME 3 is a package of 30 introductions with beautiful designs. To use PROINTRO VOL.3, simply drag a preset atop personal media in the Final Cut Pro X timeline. Each PROINTRO preset comes with unique customization options that allows users to personalize the design. Utilize easy color wheels, sliders, and hue dials to make altercations.

ProIntro: Volume 3 FCPX Plugin - OVERLAY & FRAME


Add a frame with PROINTRO VOL.3 presets. Easily adjust the width and style of the frame using a color wheel and checkbox. Additionally, use the overlay controls to create greater contrast between the PROINTRO VOL3 preset and the scene. Each design is unique, allowing users to achieve a variety of new looks & designs.

ProIntro: Volume 3 FCPX Plugin - SELF-ANIMATING


PROINTRO VOLUME 3 is completely self animating.  Users can create a beautiful title sequence to introduce projects without the hassle of heavy editing or keyframing.  Simply drag a PROINTRO preset above personal media and allow PROINTRO VOL. 3 to do the rest.

ProIntro: Volume 3 FCPX Plugin - ON-SCREEN CONTROLS


PROINTRO VOLUME 3 features intuitive useful on-screen controls that allows Final Cut Pro X users to position, rotate, and scale PROINTRO presets with ease. For further animation, use the dolly function to slowly zoom closer into the text.

ProIntro: Volume 3 FCPX Plugin - 30 PROINTRO VOL.3 PRESETS


PROINTRO VOLUME 3 includes 30 presets that are all Final Cut Pro X exclusives. Pick from professional designs with a simplistic looks or more stylized designs with waves, sharpens, color changes, and more. Find unique texture options under "OVERLAY CONTROLS" and utilize "EDIT MODE" to stylize the text even further.

ProIntro: Volume 3 FCPX Plugin - PROINTRO LESSON


Learn how to create a title intro sequence with the PROINTRO Lesson from Pixel Film Studios.