Professional Grunge Split Screens for FCPX

Prepare to add some grungy flavor to your split screen scenes in Final Cut Pro X with PROSLICE™ Volume 2 from Pixel Film Studios™. With 50 hand drawn split screens layouts to choose, from you can easily drag and drop the one you want on your footage in FCPX. Then you can customize the color, lens dirt, and discoloration of your split screen.

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PROSLICE™ VOL. 2 FCPX Plugin - Time to Get Grungy

Time to Get Grungy

Get ready to add a hip, grungy style to your next split screen scene in Final Cut Pro X by using hand drawn borders and divider lines. Then complete your grungy look by adding lens dirt and discoloration filters to your image in the few clicks of a mouse.

PROSLICE™ VOL. 2 FCPX Plugin - 50 Split Screen Layouts

50 Split Screen Layouts

Time to slice and dice! With PROSLICE™ Volume 2's collection of 50 split screen layouts, you can divide your screen into two, three, four or even five sections in the few clicks of a mouse all within FCPX. Get ready to slice up-and-down, left-to-right and every other way you can imagine.

PROSLICE™ VOL. 2 FCPX Plugin - On-Screen Controls in FCPX

On-Screen Controls in FCPX

Position you image with precision. With easy-to-use on-screen controls, you can scale, rotate and positon your image inside its designated panel without ever having to leave the Viewer window in Final Cut Pro X. You can then angle your entire PROSLICE™ in 3D space and adjust the depth of field.

PROSLICE™ VOL. 2 FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

The team at Pixel Film Studios™ redesigned the split screen method to make the process easier than ever in Final Cut Pro X. Simply stack your images and footage in the timeline, place the frame layer above them all, and drop the area designator effects on each image. Then you can use the controls in the Inspector to stylize the look of your split screen!