Professional Star Filters For FCPX

Create ultimate Star Streaks using the light in your image with PROSTAR from Pixel Film Studios. With over 60 style presets, PROSTAR adds the professional look of a star lens filter to any film! Designed for ease of use within FCPX!

PROSTAR requires Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.1 or newer.

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ProStar FCPX Plugin - Star Streak Filters

Star Streak Filters

PROSTAR allows the user to get creative, and push the lights beyond! PROSTAR from Pixel Film Studios analyzes the footage it is applied to, and works off the pre-exsisting light already captured! PROSTAR also reacts to light obstructions, adding a level of realism while adding style to any film!

ProStar FCPX Plugin - Over 60 Presets

Over 60 Presets

PROSTAR from Pixel Film Studios comes with over 60 useful and unique style presets allowing users to select what style they want to start with when applied to footage. Full color and rotataion options are available to help achieve professional looks quickly and easily!

ProStar FCPX Plugin - On-Screen Controls

On-Screen Controls

On-Screen controls help the user select what area they want to react to the star effect. Different PROSTAR filters can be applied to different areas using a unique and customizable mask tool with on screen handles, allowing the user to visualize the effect in real time!

ProStar FCPX Plugin - Designed For FCPX

Designed For FCPX

PROSTAR from Pixel Film Studios is a plugin designed for Final Cut pro X. Simply select the effect desired, apply it to the clip on the timeline, and customize the effect using the on-screen cpontrols and effect controls within the FCPX Inspector Window!



Learn to create star streaks in your film with the PROSTAR Lesson from Pixel Film Studios