Professional Title Styles For FCPX

Pixel Film Studios™ returns with another fantastic addition to the PROTITLE™ Library with Volume 5! Geared for more three-dimensional functionality, these title styles are the exact tool every film maker needs! The ultimate title building tool is at your fingertips, and professional looks can be created in seconds!

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PROTITLE™ Vol. 5 FCPX Plugin - 30 Unique Style Presets

30 Unique Style Presets

PROTITLE™ Volume 5 comes packed with 30 unique and professional style presets. From motorsport inspired themes, to commercial advertising styles, this title pack is a valuable addition to any FCPX users arsenal!

PROTITLE™ Vol. 5 FCPX Plugin - Step Into 3D!

Step Into 3D!

PROTITLE™ Volume 5 takes all the useful elements from the previous entries in the PROTITLE™ library and builds on them to give the user three-dimensional angles! The angle tools which are located in the FCPX inspector Window gives film makers the keys to professional 3D title looks and beyond!

PROTITLE™ Vol. 5 FCPX Plugin - Useful Tools and Keyframe-less Animations!

Useful Tools and Keyframe-less Animations!

PROTITLE™ Volume 5 comes with all the previous tools users know and love, while adding angle sliders and new animation presets! Captivate audiences with countless new styles!

PROTITLE™ Vol. 5 FCPX Plugin - Designed For Final Cut Pro X

Designed For Final Cut Pro X

PROTITLE™ Volume 5 was designed by Pixel Film Studios™ to work specifically within FCPX. On-Screen placement and lighting controls make it easy for film makers to create unique styles with ease. Color and animation options are located within the Inspector window allowing full control and direction for each and every preset!