Professional Kinetic Text for FCPX

Say goodbye to keyframes and templates! Get ready to create real kinetic typography sequences in Final Cut Pro X without using a template or a single keyframe with PROTYPO™ from Pixel Film Studios™. Simply place the text where you want it and be amazed as the camera perfectly glides from phrase to phrase.

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PROTYPO™ FCPX Plugin - Time to Get Kinetic

Time to Get Kinetic

Kinetic typography is the art of animating and moving text in a video to keep your audience visually interested while expressing your idea. Now with PROTYPO™ from Pixel Film Studios™ users can create a Kinetic text sequence quicker than ever.

PROTYPO™ FCPX Plugin - Say Goodbye to Keyframes!

Say Goodbye to Keyframes!

Yes, read that correctly. Say goodbye to keyframes! Move and animate your kinetic sequence by entering text and moving it where you want the camera to go. PROTYPO™ will do the rest. You can even rotate your text and the camera movement will do the same!

PROTYPO™ FCPX Plugin - Add Up to 20 Phrases

Add Up to 20 Phrases

Add up to 20 phrases in a single text animation. Scale, position, rotate, and stylize each phrase to your liking and watch as the 3D camera glides, zooms and rotates from phrase to phrase.

Are you a slow reader? That's ok. Slow down the overall animation by stretching out the generator or use the built-in controls to slow the time spent at each word.

PROTYPO™ FCPX Plugin - Included Picture Placeholders

Included Picture Placeholders

Add visuals to your text by placing a photo or clip in one of the designated placeholders; then, move the image to where you want it by using the position controls found in the FCPX Inspector. You can scatter small images throughout the animation or even place a large image or clip as the backdrop for the entire animation.

PROTYPO™ FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

PROTYPO™ was designed by the team at Pixel Film Studios to work seamlessly inside Final Cut Pro X. Users can place the text animator in the timeline, adjust the length, customize the placement and look of the text, and prepare to be amazed as the PROTYPO™ plugin does the rest.


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