ProVega: Volume 2

Professional Lens Flare Plugin for FCPX

Create realistic, epic lens flares in Final Cut Pro X with PROVEGA Volume 2 from Pixel Film Studios. With our new and improved flare generator, you can create complex and customizable flares without ever leaving FCPX. PROVEGA Volume 2 comes fully equipped with 30 new lens flare shapes and presets. Customize your flare with on-screen controls in the viewer window.

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ProVega: Volume 2 FCPX Plugin - Improved Flare Generator

Improved Flare Generator

With a newly redesigned interface and control options, PROVEGA Volume 2 was made to create complex and realistic lens flares in the generators section of Final Cut Pro X. Simply drag and drop one or many of the flare generators on top of your footage and prepare to create epic and beautiful lens flares.

ProVega: Volume 2 FCPX Plugin - New Flare Shapes and Presets

New Flare Shapes and Presets

PROVEGA Volume 2 can create a lens flare for any scene in a few clicks of a mouse. With a collection of 30 new shapes and presets, along with numerous customization options the lens flare possibilites are endless in Final Cut Pro X!

ProVega: Volume 2 FCPX Plugin - On-Screen Controls

On-Screen Controls

Take total control of your flare by using the on-screen controls in the Final Cut Pro X viewer window. Grab the handles to position, rotate and spread your lens flare to be exactly where you need it to be. Never has building a lens flare in FCPX been so easy!

ProVega: Volume 2 FCPX Plugin - Fully Customizable in FCPX

Fully Customizable in FCPX

PROVEGA Volume 2 was designed to help you customize and create the perfect flare for your scene without ever leaving Final Cut Pro X. Quickly and easily change the position, saturation, opacity, intensity, spread, scale, blur, and color parameters to build your very own flare. You can also animate your lens flare to react to the light in your scene.

ProVega: Volume 2 FCPX Plugin - PROVEGA Lesson


Learn how to create realistic, epic lens flares in Final Cut Pro X with the PROVEGALesson from Pixel Film Studios.