ProBokeh: Volume 1

Professional Bokeh Techniques for FCPX

Want to give your footage a little bit of pop?  How about some confetti?  Perhaps a New Years kind of feel?  Using PROBOKEH from Pixel Film Studios you can add those hazy, blurry, out of focus points of light that will give your footage the extra style it needs to turn your footage into a celebration!  This plugin will come with different speeds to choose from.  You will have the ability to add a gentle sprinkle of our PROBOKEH effect, or maybe you'll prefer it slightly more aggressive.

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ProBokeh: Volume 1 FCPX Plugin - Get the Party Started!

Get the Party Started!

Simulate the most epic party of the century with beautiful sparkles floating throughout your film.  PROBOKEH adds energy to footage and make it the life of the party!

PROBOKEH includes both bokeh composite footage and preset bokeh plugins for Final Cut Pro X.

Adding the gentle effect will give you that little twinkle you desire, while our aggressive effect will give you that explosive Happy New Year feel!

ProBokeh: Volume 1 FCPX Plugin - Control your bokeh

Control your bokeh

When Final Cut Pro X and PROBOKEH collide, you get absolute control.  With just a few easy steps you have the ability to change a number of things to keep this plugin fresh and reusable.

Total control. Go ahead and change the size, color, blur, glow and opacity of your bokeh particles ... the effects are endless!

ProBokeh: Volume 1 FCPX Plugin - Phenomenal Presets

Phenomenal Presets

Try adding soft, subtle, floating sparkles.  This calm effect gives you just enough glam to achieve the bokeh look you want.

With 30 PROBOKEH presets to choose from and limitless control. You can create a phenomenal looks with any footage in Final Cut Pro X.

ProBokeh: Volume 1 FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

A Pixel Film Studios creation made to work flawlessly with FCPX.  PROBOKEH is a plugin that can change your footages look entirely.  The process to obtain this amazing effect is fun and as simple as 1, 2, 3.

And with the PROBOKEH Blending Tool, editors can easily blend the bokeh composite footage into their scene!