Professional Extreme Color Grades

Need to create an extreme look in your next film project? With PROEXTREME™ from Pixel Film Studios™, you can take your footage anywhere from punk-psychedelic to action-packed in the click of a button. Create endless bold and aggressive looks in FCPX with PROEXTREME™'s collection of 100 intense color grades.

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PROEXTREME™ FCPX Plugin - Take Extreme Measures

Take Extreme Measures

Whether you are taking your audience to the mouth of a volcano or the backroom of a nightclub, PROEXTREME™ from Pixel Film Studios™ can set the mood and create the visual style of your film with intense, overdriven colors.

PROEXTREME™ FCPX Plugin - 100 Extreme Color Presets

100 Extreme Color Presets

The color grades are not the only thing that's extreme about this collection. With 100 presets to choose from, PROEXTREME™ provides the ultimate library of color grading plugins for Final Cut Pro X.

You can simply mouse over the PROEXTREME™ presets in the FCPX effects browser to preview them on your footage in real time.

PROEXTREME™ FCPX Plugin - Bold Style, Aggressive Color

Bold Style, Aggressive Color

PROEXTREME™ is not for the faint of heart. Inspired by the color tones of many contemporary dramas and action films, the PROEXTREME™ collection can push your color grades to the limit with aggressive color tones and bold styles.

PROEXTREME™ FCPX Plugin - Only for Final Cut Pro X

Only for Final Cut Pro X

Pixel Film Studios professionally created these extreme color grades to work directly with FCPX.  PROEXTREME™ can help you stylize your next Final Cut Pro X project in the click of a button. Simply drag and drop one of the color grade presets on to your clip, adjust the color strength slider, and prepare to get extreme.