Professional Fog Techniques

Want to give your footage a magical or Film Noire look? Adding fog or haze to your footage is a great way to create a mystical or ominous look in your film. With PROFOG from Pixel Film Studios, you can choose from 50 ProRes fog video files that you can easily composite onto your footage. Simply drag one of the PROFOG clips ontop of your footage in any non-linear editing system and change the blend mode.

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ProFog FCPX Plugin - Add Fog to Your Footage

Add Fog to Your Footage

With 50 ProRes HD Fog videos and 3 categories to choose from you can create an endless amount of misty and foggy looks. Create every possible look from magical and smokey to eerie and hazy in the click of a button in any non-linear editing system.

ProFog FCPX Plugin - Smooth Blankets

Smooth Blankets

Want to simulate a calm, slow moving, thick haze? Choose a PROFOG composite from the Smooth category to create a thick London fog or a hazy Film Noire look. Layering the Smooth fog layers can make them appear denser and more ominous.

ProFog FCPX Plugin - Wispy and Ghostly

Wispy and Ghostly

Add fast moving, streaky clouds to your footage by choosing a file from the Wispy category. These wispy clouds have more defined and distinct lines and streaks, so they can be layered to create more depth in your fog.

ProFog FCPX Plugin - Aggressive Puffs

Aggressive Puffs

Want to add high-contrast, rolling puffs of fog to your next title sequence? The PROFOG video files from the aggressive category feature rolling, streaky flares caused by puffs of air. These fog composites work great on demo reels and title sequences.

ProFog FCPX Plugin - Blending Tool for FCPX

Blending Tool for FCPX

PROFOG video files can be used in any non-linear editing software, but if you are using it in Final Cut Pro X, you can add the PROFOG Blending Tool to help blend and color correct your fog to better match your footage. Change the scale and blur of your fog to give it more depth.

ProFog FCPX Plugin - ProFog Lesson

ProFog Lesson

Get insight on how to improve your professional fog techniques with the ProFog Lesson.