Professional Perspective Alterations and Frames

With PROFRAME™ from Pixel Film Studios™ you can add a realistic frame or border to your footage in Final Cut Pro X. PROFRAME™ comes with over 45 unique frames which can be manipulated in 3D space to create a parallax effect. Applying a frame to your film is a fun and easy way to add depth and style to your footage.

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PROFRAME™ FCPX Plugin - Over 45 Frame Methods

Over 45 Frame Methods

Choose from seven different frame and border types (including: TV, Vintage Frame, Grunge, and Film). With PROFRAME™, you can take your footage anywhere from an art gallery to a 3D geometric universe in the click of a button. 

PROFRAME™ FCPX Plugin - 3D Perspective in FCPX

3D Perspective in FCPX

With the 3D Camera Perspective, you can pan around the side of your image while also zooming in towards it, creating a parallax effect between your frame and image. PROFRAME™ allows you to play with your footage in 3D space inside Final Cut Pro X. 

PROFRAME™ FCPX Plugin - Depth of Field

Depth of Field

Take full advantage of the 3D camera perspective by racking focus along your frame and image with the depth of field controls. Want to bring attention to a specific plane in your frame? Simply make the depth of field more shallow and rack focus to your point of emphasis.

PROFRAME™ FCPX Plugin - Create Your Own PROFRAME

Create Your Own PROFRAME

Use the DIY PROFRAME™ Plugin to build your own frame plugins. Simply place a frame of your choice in the dropzone and then manipulate it using all of the PROFRAME™ controls.

With the DIY PROFRAME™, you can add up to three frame layers to create your very own parallax effect.

PROFRAME™ FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

PROFRAME™ was professionally designed to work seemlessly inside Final Cut Pro X. Simply browse through the plugin library in the effects window, select the frame you like, and use the FCPX Inspector to manipulate the 3D perspective of the image. Quick and easy sliders allow you to rack focus, zoom, and pan the camera.