Professional Color Grades for FCPX

Use color to change the mood and genre of your project with ProGrade by Pixel Film Studios. This collection of 30 professional color grades can be used in FCPX to create subtle yet powerful color changes. With ProGrade's easy-to-use controls, you can quickly adjust the intensity of the effect to achieve the perfect color grade for your scene.

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ProGrade FCPX Plugin - Set the Mood

Set the Mood

Create the look of your film through color. With the click of a button, change your FCPX project from a romantic red setting to an action-thriller blue. ProGrade makes changing the mood, temperature, and genre of any footage easy through subtle yet powerful color grades.

ProGrade FCPX Plugin - Professional FCPX Filters

Professional FCPX Filters

Inspired by contemporary film lighting techniques, Prograde was professionally created by film makers to change the feel of your footage without making them look unnatural.

ProGrade FCPX Plugin - Customize your ProGrade

Customize your ProGrade

Stop coloring by numbers!

No more confusing color channels. ProGrade makes color grading fun and easy. Simply drag the one you like on top of your clip, and adjust the intensity of the effect.

ProGrade FCPX Plugin - ProEdge Now Included!

ProEdge Now Included!

Achieve that high dynamic look with ProEdge, which is now included with a purchase of ProGrade.

Use ProEdge to recover details and make shadows more defined, giving your footage a dramatic, almost hyper-real look.