Professional Instant Photo Effects for FCPX

Have some beach footage or a family video that needs a timeless or vintage touch? With PROLAROID from Pixel Film Studios, you can easily create that popular instant photo look with any footage in Final Cut Pro X. With 30 photo looks to choose from, along with customizable frames, artifacts, and film textures, the possibilities are endless!

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Proloroid FCPX Plugin - 30 Instant Photo FCPX Effects

30 Instant Photo FCPX Effects

PROLAROID was professionally created to imitate the look of vintage instant photography cameras, which have recently been going through a revival in pop culture. With 30 different instant camera presets to choose from, PROLAROID can give any footage the perfect photographic look.

Proloroid FCPX Plugin - Awesome Film Frames

Awesome Film Frames

After choosing the photo grade you like, you can easily customize the frame type, size and edge softness in the FCPX Inspector. Then with PROLAROID's on-screen control, you can adjust where in the frame your image sits.

Proloroid FCPX Plugin - Realistic Light Artifacts

Realistic Light Artifacts

Each of PROLAROID's 30 presets come with light artifact options that you can use to give your image a timeless or hip look. Simply choose the light artifact type and then adjust the intensity, brightness and hue of the light.

Proloroid FCPX Plugin - Retro-Worn Effects

Retro-Worn Effects

Finish off your instant photo look by adding dust, durt or scratches to your footage. Add a little to get a vintage look - add a lot to give your film a more edgy or grungy feel.

Proloroid FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

PROLAROID was professionally created by the team at Pixel Film Studios to work seemlessly with FCPX. Instantly customize your settings in the FCPX Inspector and see the changes appear on your image in real-time.

PROLAROID is a powerful plugin that will completely change the look of your footage without bogging down your computer with rendering.