Professional Color Processes Techniques

Create the ambient feel of your film through color with ProMood from Pixel Film Studios. This collection of 55 professional color processes was designed to beautifully and subtly change the mood of your footage in FCPX. Simply drag and drop one of ProMood's color presets on to your image and see the emotion of your scene change instantly. Then use the easy-to-use controls into to achieve your desired look.

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ProMood FCPX Plugin - 55 Color Processes for FCPX

55 Color Processes for FCPX

Using numerous contemporary films as examples, Pixel Film Studios applied several color processing methods to create ProMood.  This set of 55 color presets can be used to set the emotion of any scene. Simply scroll through the FCPX effects browser and find the color preset you like, and then drag and drop it on your clip.

ProMood FCPX Plugin - Cross-Process Your Image

Cross-Process Your Image

Give your film a more photographic look by cross-processing the colors. With the cross process 'Amount' and 'Method' features included in ProMood,  you can make your footage look like it was taken with an analog Lomographic camera. 

ProMood FCPX Plugin - Let Color Set the Mood

Let Color Set the Mood

Use colors to help your actors depict their emotions without speaking a single word. Color is a powerful tool that can give viewers a sense of a character's psyche, while also evoking that emotion in them.

ProMood FCPX Plugin - Customize Your ProMood

Customize Your ProMood

Stop with the confusing color channels. ProMood makes color grading fun and easy. Simply drag the one you like on top of your clip, and adjust the intensity and lighting effects. Then add cross-processing if you like.