Professional Grunge Techniques

Create the grungy, gritty film that you always wanted to with PRORUIN™ by Pixel Film Studios™. This collection of over 100 Final Cut Pro X presets and 50 video composites allows you to add moving textures, burns, splatters and colors to your film to give it that dynamic look. PRORUIN™ gives you a never seen before amount of control over your grunge effects in FCPX.

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PRORUIN™ FCPX Plugin - Destroy Your Film

Destroy Your Film

Destroy your film... In a good way. Adding PRORUIN™ to you footage in Final Cut Pro X is the easiest way to add dirt, burns, and splatters to your film without lighting your camera on fire or dipping it in paint. With PRORUIN™, you can create limitless unique and grungy looks.

PRORUIN™ FCPX Plugin - You Gotta Fight...

You Gotta Fight...

With over 100 awesome ruined effects for Final Cut Pro X and 50 ProRes video composites, PRORUIN™ gives you the tools to rock on. Choose from 1 of the 10 effects styles (including Water Damage, Splatter Effects, and Chaos), or layer multiple styles to create grittier and crazier looks. 

PRORUIN™ FCPX Plugin - Handcrafted Elements

Handcrafted Elements

Using numerous techniques and equipment, the artists at Pixel Film Studios™ created all the burn and splatter elements in PRORUIN™ by hand, burning and grungifying different materials and textures. We even pulled out our hair and scanned it for you, so you don't have to.



PRORUIN™ brings never seen before customization to grunge effects in Final Cut Pro X. With the easy-to-use sliders and controls found in the FCPX Inspector, editors can change the individual colors, scales, blurs and opacity of the grunge elements in PRORUIN™.