Professional Camera Shake Effects

Whether you are making a fight promo, music video or tense espionage thriller, camera shakes are a great way to add a sense of reality to your film. With PROSHAKE from Pixel Film Studios, you can create epic bumps, shakes, zooms, and twists right inside FCPX. With 50 presets and stackable effects, you can create endless unstabalized camera looks in a snap.

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ProShake FCPX Plugin - Camera Shakes in FCPX

Camera Shakes in FCPX

Camera shakes are a great way to give your film a sense of reality or even tension. With PROSHAKE you can choose the strength of your shake with 12 Camera Shake Presets for Final Cut Pro X.

ProShake FCPX Plugin - Camera Bumps

Camera Bumps

Quick camera bumps can add energy and excitement to your film. They also can also help create a stylize theme through a project. The camera bump presets can be stacked with other presets like the camera shake to create endless unique looks.

ProShake FCPX Plugin - Zoom and Focus

Zoom and Focus

Give your film a raw, cinema verite style by including the zooming and out of focus shots. With PROSHAKE, you can create realistic camera zooms and finding focus looks with your footage right inside FCPX.

ProShake FCPX Plugin - Transitions Included

Transitions Included

PROSHAKE comes fully loaded to help you create a look for your film from beginning to end. With the Camera Twist Transitions, you can keep the energy and excitement of your film going from one scene right into the next.

ProShake FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

PROSHAKE was created by the team at Pixel Film Studios to integrate perfectly with Final Cut Pro X to enhance your editing experience. Simply drag and drop one or many of the PROSHAKE adjustment layers on top of your footage in the FCPX timeline and get ready to make fun and exciting looks.



Learn how to create energy to your film with the PROSHAKE Lesson from Pixel Film Studios.