Professional Malfunction Effects for FCPX

Add a little chaos or tension to your next project with PROSHIVER™ by Pixel Film Studios™. This collection of over 60 professional malfunction effect will give any scene a more kinetic, fast paced feel. Using camera bumps, blurs, flashes, and color seperations, PROSHIVER™ can create a unique style throughout your film without distracting the viewer.

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PROSHIVER™ FCPX Plugin - Create Chaos

Create Chaos

Using many popular contemporary films as inspiration, PROSHIVER™ was professionally created to add a futuristic chaos to your footage through digital film damage and glitches.

PROSHIVER™ FCPX Plugin - Energetic Transitions

Energetic Transitions

PROSHIVER™ also includes plugins created specifically for the starts and ends of clips to create quick malfunction transitions, which is a great way to give your project a Sci-Fi vibe.

PROSHIVER™ FCPX Plugin - Customize your PROSHIVER™

Customize your PROSHIVER™

Create a digital film damage look without breaking your camera.

With PROSHIVER™ you can quickly and easily tweak the look of your malfunction effect by adjusting the color, intensity, blur and color seperation controls.

Go from futuristic Sci-Fi to vintage computer monitor in the click of a button.