Proto: Volume 2

Professional FCPX Photo Filters

PROTO is back and ready to help stylize your film and push the limit! Instantly add that vintage look, oversaturated style, or hipster filter to your film with the click of a mouse in FCPX. Including over 50 filters with on-screen controls, PROTO Volume 2 will easily add that effect you have been looking for! Designed for FCPX to give your film that color edge it needs!

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Proto: Volume 2 FCPX Plugin - Over 50 Different FCPX Filters

Over 50 Different FCPX Filters

PROTO Volume 2 contains over 50 unique styles to add numerous still photo styles to your film footage. Whether you're looking for the oversaturated style, hipster filter effect, or classic vintage tones, PROTO Volume 2 is the tool youve been looking for.

Proto: Volume 2 FCPX Plugin - On-Screen Focus Controls

On-Screen Focus Controls

Premade on-screen controls in the FCPX viewer will make adjusting the focal point of your film simple and effective. Use the handle controls to position your blur points while using the slider to adjust the amount of blur you need.

Proto: Volume 2 FCPX Plugin - Colorize your film, your way.

Colorize your film, your way.

Add a summer effect, or warm filter to your film to make it fit the mood. Make your film look like an old family movie, or an oversaturated summer blockbuster with the click of a mouse. PROTO Volume 2 from Pixel Film Studioswill give you all the options you could want, to colorize your film to compliment its style!

Proto: Volume 2 FCPX Plugin - Designed for FCPX

Designed for FCPX

PROTO Volume 2 was specially designed to work seamlessly within Final Cut Pro X. Set up as an FCPX Effect, just click and drag and PROTO Volume 2 Filter effect onto your footage with ease. Adjust the parameters and blur points within the FCPX Inspector and Viewer.