Professional Lens Flare Plugins for FCPX

Add high-end lens flares to your next FCPX project with PROVEGA™ by Pixel Film Studios™. This collection of dozens of professional lens flares was designed to create naturalistic streaks and light spots caused by light reflecting inside a camera lens. The PROVEGA™ flares  are ready to be be animated and customized for your footage.

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PROVEGA™ Vol. 1 FCPX Plugin - Core Lens Flares

Core Lens Flares

Create a realistic core lens flare with PROVEGA™. Unlike other digitally generated lens flares, PROVEGA™s' were professionally made to have the shimmer, rays, shape, fall-off, and color of naturally occurring optical flares.

PROVEGA™ Vol. 1 FCPX Plugin - Anamorphic Lens Flares

Anamorphic Lens Flares

You have probably seen anamorphic lens flares in some of your favorite Sci-Fi films and music videos. With PROVEGA™, you can take a little bright spot in your footage and stretch it horizontally across the screen with a tinted fall-off. This is a great way to add a recurring style to your movie.

PROVEGA™ Vol. 1 FCPX Plugin - Stage Lights

Stage Lights

Now introducing the Stage Light plugin for FCPX. This is great plugin for drawing focus to a subject. Simply drop the plugin over a light source in your image like a street light, and instantly Stage Light adds a more dramatic look while focusing attention to a point of interest.

PROVEGA™ Vol. 1 FCPX Plugin - Customize your PROVEGA™

Customize your PROVEGA™

PROVEGA™ was designed to provide real-time feedback and on-screen controls, so you can customize and create the perfect flare for your scene. First choose the preset flare type that you want, then change the scale, blur, and tint parameters to achieve your desired look. You can also animate your lens flare for when the camera or light source is moving.