Professional Pop Color Grades for FCPX

Achieve a smart and stylish look in your film project with ProVogue by Pixel Film Studios, a collection of 50 professional pop color grading effects for FCPX. ProVogue can give your footage the luster and color of a professional fashion shoot. Simply drag and drop the plugin on to your footage and voilà! Your project is instantly glamorous.

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ProVogue FCPX Plugin - Make Your Film a Work of Art

Make Your Film a Work of Art

Making a contemporary music video or fashion commercial? Create that popular art look using ProVogue by Pixel Film Studios.

With 50 different color grading effects for FCPX, ProVogue can take your project anywhere from pop art to avant-garde in the click of a button.

ProVogue FCPX Plugin - Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward

Inspired by popular art and fashion color gradings, ProVogue by Pixel Film Studios can enhance your film projects by making colors more vibrant and provocative.

Use the ProVogue plugin in FCPX to make your footage look straight out of an art gallery or the pages of a magazine.

ProVogue FCPX Plugin - Customize Your ProVogue

Customize Your ProVogue

Do you think in pictures or in numbers?

ProVogue makes color grading fast and easy. No more calibrating confusing controls. Simply browse through the ProVogue themes in FCPX, drag the one you like onto your clip, adjust the intensity, and your footage is instantly hip.

Create that "in" look with ProVogue by Pixel Film Studios.

ProVogue FCPX Plugin - ProSkin 1.0 Now Included!

ProSkin 1.0 Now Included!

Achieve that perfect model look with ProSkin 1.0, which is now included with a purchase of ProVogue.

Use ProSkin 1.0 to soften and smooth skin tones while leaving important facial features intact. Make your actors happy by taking years off their faces!