Professional Fold Transitions for FCPX

Pixel Film Studios brings you TRANSFOLD, a 3D folding transition pack for FCPX. With TRANSFOLD, make your films scene transitions blow away your audience! Completely customize the way your shots change and flow. Designed to work seamlessly within FCPX, TRANSFOLD is easy to use and will have your transitions stylized in minutes! 

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TransFold FCPX Plugin - Over 50 Different Options

Over 50 Different Options

TRANSFOLD gives you over 50 different options and give you the tools to make each transition unique. Drag and drop each transition between your clips with ease. With every angle and direction covered, no transition will look like the next! 

TransFold FCPX Plugin - Full Color Controls

Full Color Controls

With each transition in TRANSFOLD, the options are endless! Full color controls are accessible in the FCPX inspector window, along with reflectivity settings, camera path settings, and angle of view settings. Match each transition to your clips and have your film looking amazing in minutes!

TransFold FCPX Plugin - Easy to use, professional styles

Easy to use, professional styles

Whether you are trying to match a corporate style, or a high energy music video or commercial, these transitions can easily match the style of any category of any film. Use the color options and angle styles to match your films purpose!

TransFold FCPX Plugin - Customizable in FCPX

Customizable in FCPX

TRANSFOLD was designed to work flawlessly within FCPX. Simply drag and drop your transition between clips and use the FCPX inspector window to customize the transition to your liking. Change your environment color, reflectivity, camera angle, and so much more!