Professional Camera Path Transitions

Take your audience on a journey with TRANSFRAME from Pixel Film Studios. With this tool, You can create a 3D camera path between 2 clips without ever setting a single keyframe in Final Cut Pro X. Design smooth and complex paths by simply moving the clips in the Viewer Window. Then use the controls to change the angle and depth of field to create a unique viewing perspective.

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TransFrame FCPX Plugin - Keyframe-less Camera Path Transitions

Keyframe-less Camera Path Transitions

Sweep, glide, crane, twist, and slide from one clip to another without ever setting a single keyframe in Final Cut Pro X. TRANSFRAME allows users to create any camera path transition imaginable by simply moving the two frames wherever they want them in FCPX Viewer Window.

TransFrame FCPX Plugin - 3D Camera Movements

3D Camera Movements

Create a unique 3D viewing experience, by having your camera pivot, twist, and rotate as it travels from one clip to the next. TRANSFRAME allows you to wind and weave in 3D space, making a stagnant shot or image into a fun, engaging journey in Final Cut Pro X.

TransFrame FCPX Plugin - Automatically Rack Focus

Automatically Rack Focus

A shallow depth of field can make a shot look more cinematic. With TRANSFRAME you can automatically, rack focus from clip to clip without keyframing or setting any parameters. The transition will even adjust for the distance you set between your clips.

TransFrame FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

TRANSFRAME was created by the team at Pixel Film Studios to integrate perfectly with Final Cut Pro X to enhance your editing experience. Simply drag and drop one of the TRANSFRAME presets between your clips and quickly create the perfect camera path in the few clicks of a mouse.



Learn how to take your audience on a journey with the TRANSFRAME Lesson from Pixel Film Studios.