TranSlice: Volume 3

Split-Screen Transitions for FCPX

TRANSLICE Volume 3 adds new styles to split screen transitions with enhanced combinations and shadow effects.  Users can transition from clip to clip using split screen panels with enhanced shadow effects to add an illusion of 3d depth and layering! TRANSLICE Volume 3 includes over 30 new variations and eliminates the need for keyframe animations!

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TranSlice: Volume 3 FCPX Plugin - New Split Screen Styles

New Split Screen Styles

New variations designed to work within FCPX with Photos and Videos! Simply drag & drop between clips , select what other scenes will fill your drop zones, and customize your shadows. Professional quality transitions have never been easier!

TranSlice: Volume 3 FCPX Plugin - 40 Split Screen Transitions

40 Split Screen Transitions

TRANSLICE Volume 3 comes with 40 new split screen transitions with an all new curved drop shadow effect, giving the illusion of 3D stackable cards. With the easy-to-use controls, editors can quickly adjust the look of their shadow.

TranSlice: Volume 3 FCPX Plugin - Customizable & Keyframe-less

Customizable & Keyframe-less

Simple controls located in the FCPX Inspector Window allow users to fully customize and match the color and style of any film.

With keyframeless animations, users simply have to fill the drop zones. TRANSLICE Volume 3 will do the rest!

TranSlice: Volume 3 FCPX Plugin - Designed For FCPX

Designed For FCPX

Designed for Final Cut Pro X, users can simply drag and drop the transition they want between two of their film's clips, and then adjust the look. Editors can instantly give their film the style it needs with just a few clicks of a mouse!