Be Mine

Holiday Theme for FCPX

Be Mine is a special holiday theme template featuring amazing on-screen controls, 48 dynamic camera presets, and a full 3D environment. Drop in personal media into the generator's drop zone to create a fun and romantic scene. Just choose a camera angle using the intuitive drop-down menu and use the Inspector window to adjust parameters within the scene. Users who don't want to use the camera presets can utilize 7 unique pre-made custom shots to cut down work even further. Be Mine is created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.

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Holiday Themes with Be Mine in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Holiday Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Dynamic Angles

Choose from 48 camera presets including dolly, boom and sweeping shots from a variety of angles. Adjust the rate of movement to decelerate, move at a constant speed and more. For an even faster approach, users can take advantage of Be Mine’s 7 custom pre-made shots for a stunning look with little to no effort.


Professional - Holiday Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Change Colors

Be Mine provides users with gradient, hue and color wheel controls so that they may effectively change the style of the theme to their liking. For the text, users are given control of the face color as well as the depth and glow. Be Mine’s color controls are simple-to-use and give the user full control over the look of their shots.


Professional - Holiday Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Exciting Transitions

Packaged in Be Mine are 3 customizable and fully unique heart-shaped transitions. Transitions range from soft dissolves to hearts flying toward the screen to reveal the next scene. Be Mine’s transitions are fun, easy-to-use and a perfect fit for any playful Valentine’s video.


Professional - Holiday Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Customizable in FCPX

All titles and generators in Be Mine are adjustable through Final Cut Pro X’s Inspector window. Edit the size of assets as well as their reflections, and colors. Turn unused features off using check boxes and take advantage of sliders and pop-down menus for maximum customization.


Be Mine Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Be Mine?

Once the installation is complete, you can find Be Mine in the FCPX Generator, Title and Transition libraries.