Cactus Valley

Cartoon Theme for FCPX

Cactus Valley is a Final Cut Pro X theme package from Pixel Film Studios. Cartoon style themes are great for showcasing photos, videos and text in an exciting cartoon environment. Cactus Valley comes packed with totally customizable environments, title introductions, lower thirds, transitions, a background key and a dust overlay to add extra excitement. Pixel Film Studios makes editing easy; simply insert media into drop zones, edit scene colors and change the text. Cactus Valley will do the rest.

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Cartoon Theme with Cactus Valley in FCPX


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Beautiful 3D Environment

Cactus Valley includes self-animating environment shots like the drop zone and text preset, drop zone only preset, and text only preset. Changing the position and rotation of drop zones and text is easy using incredibly simple and organized controls found in the top-right inspector window. Show off photos, videos, titles, messages and more using Cactus Valley and do it without ever having to set a single keyframe in Final Cut Pro X.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Create All New Shots

Cactus Valley gives Final Cut Pro X users the ability to manipulate the style of the entire scene without the use of complicated controls and settings. Change the foreground, midground, and background elements with only a single click of the “Generate” button. Choosing new color schemes can be done simply by rotating the hue dial to pick from a plethora of unique colors.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Limitless Camera Functionality

Users can easily create any 2-point camera movement using intuitive start and end orientation controls in Final Cut Pro X. Start by simply moving the video playhead to the first frame of the generator preset and setting the starting position and rotation. Next, move the playhead to the last frame of the preset and set the end position and rotation. By using the speed slider users can easily determine the length of any camera movement.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Dusty Overlay

Cactus Valley’s dust overlay works as a stylized title layer for scenes, pictures, and videos. Utilize this customizable overlay to add cartoon dust particles blowing in the wind on top of any Final Cut Pro X production. Tweak the amount, scale, and speed to create different personalized looks, or click on the randomize button to generate all new leaves.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Panning Background Key

Cactus Valley contains a beautiful desert landscape background that gives Final Cut Pro X users a great tool for displaying the cartoon environment behind text and keyed media. Background keys’ panning animations make them the perfect backdrop to display messages or showcase people and characters. Pixel Film Studios background keys are completely customizable and users can change anything from the colors of the skies, to the number of elements within the environment.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Captivating Titles & Lower Thirds

Cactus Valley is packaged with a self-animating title and a duo of beautiful lower thirds. Take advantage of title elements to introduce a scene, setting, or character in any Final Cut Pro X production. Titles are incredibly easy to use in Final Cut Pro X. Start by selecting a preset and dragging it above your personal media or scene presets in the timeline. Next, change the text and alter the customizable features to achieve the desired look. Cactus Valley titles will take care of the rest.


Professional - Cartoon Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Enchanting Transitions

Cactus Valley comes with four amazing transitions. This package includes two wipes, a frame transition, and an environment transition. Each of these hand-drawn transitions can be customized easily using sliders and color wheels within Final Cut Pro X. To use Cactus Valley’s transitions simply select a preset and place it in between two clips in Final Cut Pro X. Cactus Valley’s transitions will seamlessly move from one scene to the next with cartoon style.