Professional Action Filters for FCPX

Create the next Hollywood blockbuster with ProAction by Pixel Film Studios. These 30 professional action color grades for FCPX will make your film project look like its ready for the big screen. Simply drop one of ProAction’s effects on to your clip and adjust the user friendly controls to change the intensity and shadow. Headshot!

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Color Grading with ProAction in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

Blockbuster Looks with ProAction

With 30 epic action grades to choose from, ProAction can turn your footage into a futuristic sci-fi thriller or post-apocalyptic desert war in the click of a button. ProAction was created by film professionals to recreate the color grades used in Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. All tints and colors are represented with ProAction, giving FCPX users the keys to the driver seat in setting each mood. Final Cut Pro X editors can enhance the suspense, and keep the audience on the edge of their seat with any of these ProAction filters. ProAction will catapult your project to be the next big thing in the film world, With easy to use intuitive controls the possibilities are endless.


Professional - Color Grading Prests for Final Cut Pro X

Customize Your ProAction preset

Don’t Ask. Just Act! ProAction eliminates confusing controls and streamlines the color grading process. Simply browse through the ProAction themed filters in Final Cut Pro X, drag the desired preset to the  correct clip, and adjust the intensity and shadow. Customize the amount of blue or green tints to any shot, adding cold and suspenseful, or radioactive and toxic moods to any clip. ProAction gives Final Cut Pro X users of any skill level professional Action color grades in just a few steps, all in real-time. ProAction will turn your idea into a reality so create something your viewers won’t forget.


Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

Now Includes ProRay

ProAction now comes locked ‘N loaded with ProRay, a collection of epic light bursts. Use ProRay to give your project the same lighting effect as many of your favorite contemporary action films. ProRay blends perfectly with the color grade presets given with ProAction. Using these two effects will take any film to explosive new heights while leaving a lasting and exhilarating  effect on any viewer.


Installing ProAction

How do I Install ProAction in Final Cut Pro X?

Learn how to Install a Pixel Film Studios effect plugin package.  

Unidentified Developer and Won't Install

This usually happens due to your macs security settings. The Message you got was to inform you the app wasn't purchased in the Mac App Store. Below is a video tutorial on how to resolve this issue.  

ProAction Tutorial for Final Cut Pro X

Learn how to create and customize your very own action filters with the ProAction Lesson.
  Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

STEP 1 - Preparing the Timeline

Let’s begin by selecting our footage from the FCPX media library. Then Locate ProAction in the FCPX Effects library. Scan through the ProAction presets and choose a style that works best for your project. For this example we will be using the Action 1 preset. Click and drag the effect directly on top of your footage. Select your media and go to the Inspector Window.
  Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

STEP 2 - Effect Controls

Next, we will adjust our Action Effect and Shadow sliders. The Action Effect slider controls the amount of the effect preset chosen. For Example moving the slider to the right will make the effect more noticeable. While moving it to the left will make it less noticeable. The Shadow slider controls how bright or how dark the shadows will show up in your media.
  Professional - Color Grading Presets for Final Cut Pro X

Final Touches

Now for some Final Touches. Located in the FCPX Effect library you can choose to add different kind of light rays. Click and drag the Ray directly on top of your media. For this example we will be using the Precog Ray 1. Select your media. Then go to the inspector window. Begin by adjusting the ray length and light intensity. Continue by adjusting the RGB Separation and opacity. Next select from a variety of blend modes. Lastly adjust the Light Source Location and Ray Position.You can adjust the light source location, Ray position and size using the on screen controls located in the viewer window. Click and drag the center control puck in left or right to change the light source position. By clicking and dragging the control puck up or down controls the ray position. To adjust the size of the ray click and drag the black pin up or down.  

ProAction Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find ProAction?

Once the installation is complete, you can find ProAction in the FCPX effects library.

Troubleshooting ProAction

How do I apply ProAction to a clip?

First select the clip you wish to effect in the timeline. Then scrub your cursor over the PROACTION presets in the FCPX effects library to preview them in real time.

How do I customize the look of ProAction?

Once you have applied PROACTION to a clip… Select the clip in the timeline. You will see a new set of parameters in the FCPX Inspector. Use these parameters to control the look of the PROACTION effect.

How do I copy ProAction settings?

You can copy PROACTION settings from one clip to another. Select the effected clip in the timeline and press Cmd+Opt+C Then select the second clip and press Cmd+Opt+V  

I am getting a Red Screen with a Yellow Exclamation Point, how is this fixed?

This usually occurs due to either an Installation error, or its just that your FCPX version is out of date. You can upgrade, its simple and usually free in the Apple App Store. If your operating system is out of date, that may need to be updated first, in order to update the other relying software.

What Version of FCPX does this require?

You will need to make sure your version of the software is updated to at least version 10.2.1, and this may require an OS update, which should be available for free in the App Store.