ProIntro Wire

Introduction Titles for FCPX

ProIntro Wire is a set of 30 self-animating geometric introductions created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Pixel Film Studios' minimalistic titles allow users to add a stunning introduction to any video or media. Choose from any unique style with clean wire shape animations and basic elements such as background tint and text styles. To add greater contrast, all the user has to do is increase the blur or change the tint on the background. Pixel Film Studios ProIntro Wire makes editing easy in Final Cut Pro X.

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Introduction Titles with ProIntro: Wire in FCPX


Professional - Introduction Titles for Final Cut Pro X

30 Geometric Presets

With 30 geometric self-animating presets ProIntro Wire was made to be used across any media. Each preset design features different title elements needed to create a sleek and hip opening scene. By changing the text, rotation, and depth of field elements, FCPX users can apply ProIntro’s style to any media.


Professional - Introduction Titles for Final Cut Pro X

Intuitive On-Screen Controls

ProIntro: Wire features user friendly controls that allow users to modify various elements of each unique preset. Users can then manipulate the scale, opacity and width of the title elements with a click of the mouse. With on-screen controls, Wire users can easily modify the overall position, rotation, and scale of the presets.


Professional - Introduction Titles for Final Cut Pro X

Modern Geometric Presets

ProIntro: Wire presets feature not only unique intros but also unique outros animated to bring users a complete geometric feel. Using ProIntro Wire is as easy. Just drag and drop over the media. Browse the ProIntro Wire library by scrolling over the presets and scrubbing through them, then drag the desired preset above any media in the FCPX timeline. Adjust the duration of the preset and modify the parameters provided in the inspector window.


Professional - Introduction Titles for Final Cut Pro X

Adjustable Backgrounds

ProIntro: Wire background controls allow users to tint and blur the added media with a color wheel and slider to create a greater contrast. Additional include saturation of selected objects and 3d mask animations. Blur the background to add even depth to the look of the composition.


ProIntro: Wire Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find ProIntro: Wire?

Once the installation is complete, you can find ProIntro: Wire in the FCPX Title library.