ProText 3D Controller

3D Text Animation Assistant Tool

ProText 3D: Controller is a set of over 50 3D text titles created for use in Final Cut Pro X.  ProText allows FCPX users to create dual-layered 3D text animations without having to set a single keyframe.  Easily create simplistic scaling, fading, and position animations and/or dynamic growing, bouncing, and spinning presets with ProText presets.  Create amazing animations, add custom textures, and create beautiful text with ProText 3D: Controller.

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3D Text Animations with ProText: 3D Controller in FCPX


Professional - Text Animation Titles - for Final Cut Pro X

50+ Self Animating Presets

ProText 3D: Controller comes packed with over 50 3D text title presets. Create simplistic animations from fading and scaling, to highly dynamic styles with growing, flying, and rotating kinetics. Choose from standard 3D text to presets with custom textures with 3D shape backs. The options are endless with ProText 3D: Controller.


Professional - Text Animation Titles - for Final Cut Pro X

Insert Any Texture

Utilize “Custom Texture” presets to apply ANY texture to 3D text within seconds. Simply drag a texture into the Final Cut Pro X timeline and insert it into the drop zone provided. Within 3D text controls, freely manipulate the brightness, pattern position & rotation, and scale of the custom texture.


Professional - Text Animation Titles - for Final Cut Pro X

Reflective Functionality

ProText: 3D Controller features an optional reflective floor that allows users to create the illusion of realistic text reflections. Use reflection controls to manipulate reflectivity, reflection blur, and falloff. Manipulate the blend method to find the perfect compositing technique for any type of footage.


Professional - Text Animation Titles - for Final Cut Pro X

Create Any 2-Pt Camera Movement

Create any 2 point camera angle with ProText 3D Controllers functionality text animation presets. Instantly create booming, sweeping, sliding, and dollying camera movements with the adjustment of simplistic controls. First, move the playhead to the first frame of the title preset and adjust the starting camera controls. Next, move the playhead to the last frame of the preset and adjust the end controls. ProText: 3D Controller will do the rest.


Installing ProText: 3D Controller


How do I Install ProText: 3D Controller in Final Cut Pro X?

Learn how to Install a Pixel Film Studios Title.  

Unidentified Developer and Won't Install

This usually happens due to your macs security settings. The Message you got was to inform you the app wasn't purchased in the Mac App Store. Below is a video tutorial on how to resolve this issue.  

ProText: 3D Controller Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find ProText: 3D Controller?

Once the installation is complete, you can find ProText: 3D Controller in the FCPX Title library.