ProWall Volume 2

Video Walls for FCPX

ProWall Volume 2 lets user create professional video walls easily and quickly inside of Final Cut Pro X. This ProWall comes packed with 30 different customizable environments. Choose to curve drop zones, twist them, decide the spacing, rotation, and much more. The camera with each environment lets the user create any movement they want with zero keyframes.

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Animation Tools with ProWall: Volume 2 in Final Cut Pro X


Professional - Animation Tools for Final Cut Pro X

30 Customizable Walls

ProWall Vol 2 comes with many unique customization options. Choose to curve drop zones from side to side or up and down using a rotation wheel. Choose to add or subtract spacing in between the drop zones. Choose which drop zones stay on the wall and which ones won’t and much much more.


Professional - Animation Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Easy to use Controls

We’ve made sure it’s easy to change any of the parameters inside of Final Cut Pro X. The user can change change many parameters using simply rotation wheels, sliders, pop-ups, on-screen controls, and more.


Professional - Animation Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Overlays Included

With this bundle comes the different overlays used in the video. The user can choose from epic to fashion type overlays. Choose the bokeh overlay and controls the opacity, vignette, color adjustments, and more.


Professional - Animation Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Amazing Camera Controls

ProWall Vol 2 comes with the ability to create any camera angle without any keyframes. Simply go to the first frame and use the start position controls to select where the camera starts. Then go to the last frame and user the end camera controls to choose where it ends. And ProWall will create a camera movement.

Installing ProWall: Volume 2


How do I Install ProWall: Volume 2 in Final Cut Pro X?

Learn how to Install a Pixel Film Studios Title.  

Unidentified Developer and Won't Install

This usually happens due to your macs security settings. The Message you got was to inform you the app wasn't purchased in the Mac App Store. Below is a video tutorial on how to resolve this issue.  

ProWall: Volume 2 Tutorial for Final Cut Pro X

Learn how to add professional video walls with the ProWall: Volume 2 Lesson.  
  Professional - Animation Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Step 1 - Preparing the Timeline

Let’s begin by going to the FCPX generators library to locate the ProWall Volume 2 presets. Scan through the video wall types and select the one that best matches the look you want. Then, drag the generator on the Final Cut Pro X timeline and set it to your desired length. For this example, we will use the 10 scattered drop zone preset.
  Professional - Animation Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Step 2 - Filling the Drop Zones

Once, the generator is in the timeline it’s time to fill the drop zone placeholders. Go to the FCPX media library and select the videos or photos that you would like to place in the video wall. Drag the media into the timeline below generator and make them the same length. Now, you will need to compound each video clip “by-itself”. This is a strange but necessary step since the 10.6 update to FCPX. Move the playhead to the first frame of your compound clips and select the generator in the timeline. Now click the first Drop Zone icon in the Inspector window. Select the video clip as close to the beginning as possible, and click the blue "Apply Clip" button in the FCPX Viewer window. It is extremely important to follow these steps perfectly or the particle clips will freeze-up during playback. Repeat this step for each drop zone placeholder. Once you are done filling the drop zones, you can delete the media from the timeline.
  Professional - Animation Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Step 3 - Customizing the Drop Zones

Now let’s customize the look of our drop zones. Select the generator layer in the timeline and go to the viewer window. Use the on-screen control boxes to position, scale, and rotate the mask for each drop zone. If you would like to change the shape of the mask, you can go to the Inspector window and change the crop sliders. If you need to scale and position the image within the drop zone use the pan and scale parameters below each drop zone placeholder. Finally, adjust the reflection settings of the video wall to your liking.
  Professional - Animation Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Step 4 - Setting up the Camera

Now that our drop zones are ready, let’s setup our camera animation. Move the playhead in the timeline to the front of your generator. Then go to the Start Position and Rotation control sections of the FCPX Inspector, and change the parameters to where you want the camera to begin. When you are done setting up the start orientation, move the playhead to the end of the generator and repeat this process with the end parameters. Scrub the timeline to preview the movement. Finally, go to the camera controls section and set the angle of view for you scene.
  Professional - Animation Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Final Touches

Now for some Final Touches. Let’s make a few more changes to fine tune the look of our video wall. First, let’s change the environment color at the top of the Inspector window. Now, let’s add a few more pixel film studios plugins to add some more excitement to our scene. For this example, we will composite a ProFlare 5K and Pro clip over our video wall layer in the timeline.

ProWall: Volume 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find ProWall: Volume 2?

Once the installation is complete, you can find ProWall: Volume 2 in the FCPX Generator library.