Stylized Theme for FCPX

Sketched is a production package created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Sketched provides users with a a stylized notebook environment that includes 22 premade shots, 2 lower thirds, 5 unique overlays and 4 page flipping transitions. With Sketched, users can create amazing sketchbook scenes using their personal photos and videos. Anything is possible using themes from Pixel Film Studios.

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Notebook Theme with Sketched in FCPX


Professional - Stylized Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Includes 22 Unique Scene Presets

This package includes 22 amazing shots of varied styles to choose from. Each preset has a unique camera movement to animate it into frame. First, users must choose whether they want a scene to be written or revealed through an ink drip. Written shots animate each character of text in as if the letters were being written on screen while the ink drip presets include a liquid splash that reveals the text. Each ink drip preset contains a unique drip animation.


Professional - Stylized Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Amazing Controls in Final Cut Pro X

Sketched environments include an advanced control setup so that users can change scenes however they like. The frame can be altered from a polaroid to simple horizontal and vertical frames, or no frame at all if necessary.  Users can adjust the camera movement of each shot by choosing a start and end point and using the on-screen placement controls for additional ease of use.  Many more controls be edited using the inspector window in FCPX.


Professional - Stylized Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Endless Style

To change the overall hue of the scene users can use the light color picker to select a desired color and then position the light however they like while editing the falloff to create a more wide or narrow range of lightness. Users can then adjust the intensity of the Frame, Drop Zone and Background Colors, or how effected by the light each layer is. Depth of Field can be added to create realistic camera effects, or turned off for a cleaner look.


Professional - Stylized Themes for Final Cut Pro X

5 Beautiful Overlay Types

To further stylize scenes users can add one, or more of the beautiful overlays included in this package. The paper overlay is a looping animation of papers that gives environments the final touches of stylization. Users can adjust the blend mode, color, opacity, speed, strobe and more. A looping flare animation with similar controls is also given so that users can add light effects to scenes easily. A textured frame, vignette and watercolor texture are also included so that users can enhance scenes in a variety of ways.


Professional - Stylized Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Flip the Page

Sketched contains a set of page flipping transitions that animate from the Left, Right, Top and Bottom of the Screen. Users can create an awesome connection between scenes using these page flipping transitions as if the video was straight out of a notebook. Presets that include motion blur and without motion blur are included so that users with less powerful computers can enjoy the transitions as well.