Professional Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Discover comes packed with 10 different drop zones, title screen, text screen, overlay, and more. There as a variety of tools at your disposal. Change the text, background color, vignette color and more city, scale and positions the drop zones, and much more. Discover is made exclusive for Final Cut Pro X

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DISCOVER FCPX Plugin - Unique Design

Unique Design

Discover features 10 unique designs with matching introduc. Easy to use FCPX controls allow for mood malleability. Adjust the vignette, background, text, text backgrounds and more. Discover makes it easy to make a professional video.

DISCOVER FCPX Plugin - 4 Flare Transitions

4 Flare Transitions

Discover comes with 4 preset light positions which change the mood as positions change. Lights comes with color, flicker and size controls. with a few simple changes the mood of your video will change. Use these light to add dazzle or add simplicity to your video.

DISCOVER FCPX Plugin - Intuitive Controls

Intuitive Controls

Add a vignette, lights, color background, and stylize your text with up to 3 text boxes. Double click the drop zone to activate it then proceed to scale and positions the media. Discover makes it a breeze to create a professional video.

DISCOVER FCPX Plugin - Full-Production


Discover has all the tools that you need to create a professional video. Included is a background key for your green screen footage. A logo key for your personal insignia and 2 lower thirds. Also included are four matching transitions.