Business Circuit

Corporate Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Business Circuit is the complete package for corporate styled videos.  Presentations, promotional videos, and more can be created professionally without a single keyframe.  Choose from over 45 clean and simplistic environment shots, four matching transitions, and two lower thirds.  Utilize the logo key in Final Cut Pro X to attach a personal insignia to the video.  Business Circuit is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive.

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BUSINESS CIRCUIT FCPX Plugin - Styled for Business

Styled for Business

Business Circuit offers over 45 environmental scenes.  Business Circuit provides a variety of booms, dollys, sweeps, and slides to keep it interesting.  Simply look toward the inspector window to find an easy to use drop down menu with entire selections of angles.  Pixel Film Studios' themes make it easy for FCPX users!

BUSINESS CIRCUIT FCPX Plugin - Control the Environment

Control the Environment

Alter the color of the drop zone border, stylize the text, control the light color, and adjust the corporate base, all within FCPX.  Use simplistic color wheels, drop downs, and sliders to intuitively adjust the entire look of Business Circuit.  Create a professional video has never been made so easy!

BUSINESS CIRCUIT FCPX Plugin - Up to Two Drop Zones

Up to Two Drop Zones

Focus on one image, or take a journey from one video to another.  Business circuit intuitively divides one and two drop zone environment shots and labels them to make it easy for FCPX users.  Glide from picture to picture, with dynamic dolly shots and slight sweeps.  Alternatively, choose less animated shots for a more stagnant look and feel.

BUSINESS CIRCUIT FCPX Plugin - Customizable in FCPX

Customizable in FCPX

Business Circuit is made exclusive for Final Cut Pro X. Look toward the inspector window in FCPX to find easy to use controls. Change the text and theme background colors, stylize the text, and utilize the easy to use drop zones to create a professional presentation for corporate use. Drag, drop, and create.