Professional Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Circumvent is a theme created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X users.  Circumvent comes packed with a variety of tools including a lower third, transition, text screen, title screen, and logo key.  Circumvent includes 48 camera presets that allow FCPX users to animate without the use of keyframes or heavy editing.  Use Pixel Film Studios themes for video presentations, home videos, and other projects.

Circumvent requires Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.2 or newer.

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CIRCUMVENT FCPX Plugin - Intuitive Controls

Intuitive Controls

On-screen controls makes it easy for users to adjust the position of the environment without having to utilize keyframes or confusing parameter controls.  Rotate the environment intuitively and allow the camera presets to animate the scene.

CIRCUMVENT FCPX Plugin - Environment Controls

Environment Controls

Adjust the look of the scene by creating new particles using the "generate" button provided.  Additionally, control the number of particles and add a blend mode to the particles design.  Change the hue and saturation of the background for different looks.  

CIRCUMVENT FCPX Plugin - Glass Controls

Glass Controls

Control the reflectivity of the glass pane in front of the drop zone.  Change the tint of the pane and also the reflectivity for new looks.  Additionally, add a second drop zone to enhance the depth within Circumvent scenes.

CIRCUMVENT FCPX Plugin - Customizable in FCPX

Customizable in FCPX

Circumvent is completely customizable in Final Cut Pro X.  Navigate the inspector window to find easy to use controls in the form of sliders, drop-down menus, color wheels, and checkboxes.  Create a beautiful scene by adjusting just a couple of parameters.