Professional Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Diamonds is a professional theme made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X users.  Diamonds features paper textures and vintage tones that create a retro look and feel.  Choose from 48 camera presets or create unique camera movements by simply using the "Environment Controls" found in the FCPX inspector window.  Pixel Film Studios makes it easy to make an amazing video.

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DIAMONDS FCPX Plugin - Retro Designs

Retro Designs

Diamonds combines paper textures and a lightly destroyed look to create a retro look and feel for Final Cut Pro users and their projects.  Change the colors of the background, drop zone frame, and text bar to match the look and feel of personal media.  Adjust the environment to create new camera angles.

DIAMONDS FCPX Plugin - Unlimited Camera Variety

Unlimited Camera Variety

Diamonds features 48 camera presets including slide, dolly, sweep, and boom shots.  Create more personalized camera angles by adjusting the position and rotation of the environment using the parameters found in the FCPX inspector window.

DIAMONDS FCPX Plugin - Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

Pixel Film Studios themes are capatible with pictures and videos.  Simply insert personal media into the designated drop zone areas.  Activate positioning and scaling on-screen controls by double clicking the drop zones.  Rotate the drop zones individually for added personalization.

DIAMONDS FCPX Plugin - Customizable in FCPX

Customizable in FCPX

All of Pixel Film Studios themes are Final Cut Pro X exclusive and built for full production.  Utilize Diamonds  tools, including lower thirds, environment shots, transitions, a logo key, and more, to create a professional video.  Diamonds is perfect for showcasing pictures & videos without heavy editing or keyframes.