Professional Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Elegance is a unique 3D environment that comes with a variety of easy to use controls. Change the wall color, inner wall colors, add or subtract line texture to both the wall and inner walls, change the depth of the box, add color gloom to your video and more. Choose from 48 camera movements or create your own by changing the angles. Elegance is made exclusive for Final Cut Pro X

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ELEGANCE FCPX Plugin - Unlimited Camera Variety

Unlimited Camera Variety

Elegance features a camera that comes with 48 presets that include booms, dollys, sweeps, and more. The camera in Elegance also lets the user add camera angles, which lets the user have unlimited camera variety.

ELEGANCE FCPX Plugin - Customizable in FCPX

Customizable in FCPX

Elegance comes with a variety of easy to use controls. Change the wall color, inner wall color, add or subtract line texture, choose the depth of the drop zone. A professional video is only a few clicks away. Create a professional video easily with Elegance.

ELEGANCE FCPX Plugin - Intuitive Controls

Intuitive Controls

Colors wheels, slider, drag & drop, and pop ups make it hastle free to create a professional video. To activate the drop zone in Final Cut Pro X simply double click the drop zone to activate it and then scale and position the media. Elegance makes it a breeze to create a professional video. 

ELEGANCE FCPX Plugin - Full-Production


Elegance comes with all the tools neccesary to create a full production. Elegance comes with a background key for your personal footage, a logo key for your personal insignia, 2 lower thirds, and 4 transition.