Midnight Glow

Professional Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Midnight Glow is a theme made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X users.  Easily adjust the glow of the particles using an simplistic hue dial.  Choose the correct tint, add personal media into the drop zones, and watch Midnight Glow animate without having to set a single keyframe.  To enhance the spark of the particles, lay over the Theme Overlay to achieve greater contrast between the particles and the darkness.  Drag, drop, and create!

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Midnight Glow FCPX Plugin - Limitless Camera

Limitless Camera

Midnight Glow features 48 camera presets with additional rotation and positioning controls that make for an unlimited combination of unlimited camera options.  Combine sweeping shots, booming cameras, slow sliders, and more to create a beautiful project in Final Cute Pro X.

Midnight Glow FCPX Plugin - Complete Control

Complete Control

Midnight Glow allows FCPX users to have complete control over the darkness. Change hue of the background light and particles to brighten up the scene. Place the "Theme Overlay" above Midnight Glow to add a deep vignette and increase the contrast of the scenes.

Midnight Glow FCPX Plugin - Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

All of Pixel Film Studios are compatible with pictures and videos.  Simply utilize the easy to use drop zones in the scene.  Double click the drop zones to activate on-screen controls that allow scaling and positioning.  Immerse your images and video clips in particles.

Midnight Glow FCPX Plugin - Keyframe-less Animations

Keyframe-less Animations

Midnight Glow features keyframeless animations, allow Final Cut Pro X users to spend less time editing and more time enjoying their creations.  Pixel Film Studios makes it easy for users to create wonderous projects without the annoyance of confusing keyframes.

Midnight Glow FCPX Plugin - Customizable in FCPX

Customizable in FCPX

Midnight Glow is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive. Find intuitive controls in the inspector window within Final Cut Pro X. Change the colors of the particles and background using a simple hue dial. Position and rotate the environment and utilize the 48 camera presets to achieve new camera angles. Adjust the angle of view for a more dynamic wide angle view. Watch Midnight Glow come to life without a single keyframe.