Picture Plus

Instant Photo Theme Template

Picture Plus allows Final Cut Pro X users to display personal pictures and videos within an instant photo world. Users simply have to choose the desired camera animation watch as Picture Plus brings their project to life. Picture Plus comes with over 40 environment shots, one transition, and one lower third. With so many elements, FCPX editors can create a video from beginning to end.

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PICTURE PLUS FCPX Plugin - Instant Photo Fun

Instant Photo Fun

Picture Plus allows Final Cut Pro X users to display home videos and pictures within an instant photo collage. Editors can simply choose the camera animation desired and watch Picture Plus bring their project to life.

PICTURE PLUS FCPX Plugin - Over 40 Environments

Over 40 Environments

Picture Plus gives users over 40 environment shots with varying degrees of height, lenses, and depth of focus so that no two shots look the same.

Editors can quickly and easiluy piece together a demo video by simply dragging and dropping a series of environment shots into the timeline.

PICTURE PLUS FCPX Plugin - Works with Photos and Videos

Works with Photos and Videos

All of Pixel Film Studios' themes work with both photos and video footage. Utilize the easy to use drop zones to attach your media to the theme. Double click the drop zone in your FCPX window to activate on-screen controsl that will allow you to scale and position your media. Alternatively, use the published position and scale parameters to control your scenes.

PICTURE PLUS FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Picture Plus is designed exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Editors can use the inspector window in FCPX to control the look of the theme. Users can change the text and theme background colors, adjust the text, and utilize the easy to use drop zones to create the project they always wanted. FCPX users can drag, drop, and create.