Professional Theme for Final Cut Pro X

Scrumptious is an edgy theme created with Final Cut Pro X users in mind.  Pixel Film Studios themes are self-animating, allowing users to edit easier.  With Scrumptious users also receive package of useful tools that can be used for a full-video production.  Included is a customizable lower third, transition, and logo key that allows users to input their personal insignia.

Scrumptious requires Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.2 or newer.

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Scrumptious FCPX Plugin - Simplistic Design

Simplistic Design

Scrumptious features a simple and clean style for Final Cut Pro X users to display personal media.  Easily change the background, frame, and reflectivity of Scrumptious elements.  Control the animation with a simple checkbox.

Scrumptious FCPX Plugin - Intuitive Controls

Intuitive Controls

Pixel Film Studios themes are easy to use.  Utilize intuitive controls that allow scaling, positioning, and style changes.  Navigate through the inspector window to find powerful color wheels, sliders, and drop-down menus.  Get creative with Scrumptious from Pixel Film Studios.

Scrumptious FCPX Plugin - Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

Scrumptious features drop zones that are compatible with both picture and video files.  Insert personal media into the drop zones and easily manipulate the scale and rotation using on-screen controls.  Allow media to be displayed gracefully in Scrumptious dynamic drop zone frames.

Scrumptious FCPX Plugin - Customizable in FCPX

Customizable in FCPX

Pixel Film Studios created Scrumptious with FCPX users in mind. Environment shots, transitions, lower thirds, and logo keys are all customizable in Final Cut Pro X. Simply select the tool to open up the inspector window. Locate easy drop-down menus, checkboxes, color wheels, and sliders to adjust the look of Scrumptious.