Professional Theme for Final Cut Pro X

TechPhone is stuffed with a variety of video production tools including over 80 environment shots, 7 title screens, 4 transitions, and more. Stylize the text, adjust the color of TechPhone and the background, and utilize the simple drop zones to create an awesome video in Final Cut Pro X. TechPhone is exclusive to Final Cut Pro X users. Create a personal video or corporate presentation without having to use a single keyframe.

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TECHPHONE FCPX Plugin - 80+ Environment Shots

80+ Environment Shots

TechPhone comes packed with over 80 dynamic camera shots that allow users to pick and choose between booms, dollys, sweeps, slides, and more.  Drag and drop TechPhone into the Final Cut Pro X timeline and watch the project come to life.  Disregard annoying keyframes with Pixel Film Studio Themes.

TECHPHONE FCPX Plugin - Background & Logo Key

Background & Logo Key

Background and Logo keys are included for users to allow the ultimate video production.  Create personalized videos or corporate style presentations with the TechPhone package. Double click the drop zone in FCPX controls to activate on-screen-controls that allow users to scale and position logos.  Insert green screen footage atop the looping background.

TECHPHONE FCPX Plugin - Intuitive Controls

Intuitive Controls

Adjust the reflection of TechPhone's gorgeous design.  Control the reflectivity amount, the blur amount, and even add a tint to the glass.  Choose from three beautiful color presets to match with an array of background colors.  Utilize the color wheel, sliders, and checkboxes to easily customize the look of TechPhone.

TECHPHONE FCPX Plugin - Customizable in Final Cut Pro X

Customizable in Final Cut Pro X

TechPhone is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive package. Look toward the inspector window in FCPX to find easy to use controls. Change the text and theme background colors, stylize the text, and utilize the simple drop zones to create an amazing project. Drag, drop, and create. Watch TechPhone come to life without ever having to dabble in keyframes.