The Raven

Graveyard Theme for FCPX

I would prepare yourself for this story, for this one is a true story. It happened to my cousin just last year, and to this day she still has nightmares of the horrific night. This is the story of... The Raven. Create a scary Halloween story in Final Cut Pro X with the Raven theme from Pixel Film Studios. Add your own footage and stylize this theme to fit your film in FCPX.

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The Raven FCPX Plugin - The Raven Theme

The Raven Theme

The Raven theme is here, just in time for Halloween. Frighten your audience with this chilling graveyard setting featuring flocking ravens, ominous tombstones, and patches of wild flowers. Stay safe FCPX users.

The Raven FCPX Plugin - Add your footage and images

Add your footage and images

The Raven theme comes equip with 15 different Drop Zone camera movements that you can add your own images and footage to in Final Cut Pro X. Then, add your personal touch and choose the look and feel you want by changing the color of just about anything to fit your style.

The Raven FCPX Plugin - Includes Transitions

Includes Transitions

The Raven theme comes fully loaded with all the elements you would need to create a haunted graveyard theme throughout your film, including a set of transitions. Simply drag and drop one of the theme transitions between two clips in the Final Cut Pro X timeline.

The Raven FCPX Plugin - Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

Pixel Film Studios creates templates for exclusive usage in FCPX. Changing the thematic elements in your project is as simple as the click of a button in FCPX's generator browser. Transforming your text, colorizing your backgrounds, and reinventing your footage in Final Cut Pro X has never been easier.