Installation Completed – Red Text

Seeing this on the installer?
Installation Complete

The Red Text on the installer indicates that something has gone wrong with the installation whether it is incorrect permissions or lack of folder structure, or even firewalls and virus protection software interfering with the installers connection to the internet. The steps below will guide you through this troubleshooting process quickly and easily!

Step 1 – Verify Permissions

The Motion Templates folder and all folders included will need to have your Administrator’s read and write permissions on each of the following folders:

Motion Templates, Effects, Generators, Titles & Transitions

These folders are located under this directory:

Macintosh HD > Users > Your User > Movies > Motion Templates

Verify the permissions by right clicking on each folder and selecting Get Info. In the following window that opens up scroll to the bottom and expand the Sharing & Permissions tab.

If your Administrator account is not added with Read & Write privileges you can add this this manually. Simply click the lock on the lower right side of the Get Info window and enter your administrator password to make changes. Then, press the plus icon to add your administrator and change the privileges to read and write. You will not have to alter any other permissions in this file path.

* Please note that in the example below our administrator name is pixelfilmsudios. Your admin name will be your main administrator on your computer.

Motion Templates Permissions 1115 x 675
Step 2 – Plug-Ins and FxPlug

Check to make sure that you have your Plug-Ins and FxPlug folder set up in your finder. Below is the file path for you to navigate inside of your Finder window.

📂 Macintosh HD > Library > Plug-Ins > FxPlug

If you do not have the Plug-Ins or FxPlug folder these will need to be created. A quick way to establish these folders would be to navigate to your terminal (Can be found by searching “terminal” in your spotlight search) then copy and paste the below command into the terminal.

cd /Library; sudo mkdir -p “Plug-Ins/FxPlug”;

After the line is entered press the enter key. It will ask you to enter your system password. It will be invisible. Once your password is typed press the enter key once more.

Alternatively, you can create the folders manually by navigating to the Library directory and pressing the plus folder icon. This will add the folder inside of the Library. Then rename the folder to have the exact spelling as below.


Now select the Plug-Ins folder and press the Create a new folder in the current location once more. Then rename the folder to have the exact spelling as below.


Step 3 – Disable Firewalls and Anti-Virus

Please confirm that your firewall and/or anti-virus software is disabled temporarily while running the installer. This can be turned back on after a successful installation of the software.

We 100% Guarantee the safety of the installer.

* If you are still seeing the Red Text Installation please submit a ticket or join our customer service live chat during business hours by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner of the site. Let us know what plugin you are installing so we can solve the issue as quickly as possible.