Birthday Bash

Holiday Theme for FCPX

Birthday Bash is a celebratory video production package made for Final Cut Pro X. Remember a birthday forever with this fun video template where users can place their personal birthday or or any other kind of footage in the drop zone and create an awesome birthday video within seconds using the tools provided. Birthday Bash comes packed with an environment shot that moves gracefully from one shot to the next, a seamless balloon transition, a fun title opener, 2 self-animating lower thirds and a confetti overlay that can turn any scene into a party.

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Birthday Theme with Birthday Bash in FCPX


Professional - Holiday Environment Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Create a Path

Birthday Bash gives users 5 drop zones and up to 5 camera movements per generator so that they may create any scene they desire. Choose where the camera starts within the scene and the placement of each Drop Zone in the environment using the Position and Rotation controls. The camera will frame to each drop zone in sequential order and users can adjust the Position and Rotation Offsets to control the orientation of drop zones within the frame of the camera.


Professional - Holiday Environment Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Completely Versatile

The minimalistic design of Birthday Bash’s core environment allows it to be used effectively for not only birthday video productions, but for any other kind of video as well. Change the color of the background, the color of the drop zone backdrop (if using transparent images), the reflectivity, the shadow, depth of field and many more attributes all inside of Final Cut Pro X.


Professional - Holiday Environment Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Fun Self-Animating Title Layers

Birthday Bash comes with a set of celebratory title tools including a title opener and 2 lower thirds. Each title comes with a fun birthday cupcake animation so that users can introduce information like people, places, events and more with childlike birthday flair. The title opener can be placed in front of media in the timeline or blended on top of it using the opacity and fade controls found in the inspector window.


Professional - Holiday Environment Themes for Final Cut Pro X

Birthday Production Package

This package provides users with all the tools they need to make the perfect birthday video production. The Balloon Transition can animate from any angle and seamlessly blends one scene with the next with a flurry of balloons. This transition is a great fit for any celebratory video. The Confetti Overlay can be placed on top of environments and footage to turn any normal scene into a party instantly. Birthday Bash gives users everything they need to make an exciting birthday video.